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RE:V - Kou by Astre-Thief RE:V - Kou by Astre-Thief
[EDIT 9/28/14] Revamp. I'm in a rock star policeman mood, yay~
[EDIT] Gentle reminder that I keep forgetting the yellow streak in her hair.
:iconre--volution: eyyyyy.

Name: Hikage Kou 日影コウ
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Height: 163cm / 5'4"
Weight: 51kg / 112lbs
Birthdate & Star Sign: Dec 21 (Sagittarius)
District: Kyuujuuminku
Education/Job: Narashino High (1st year), works part-time in a maid cafe
Tag Tattoo Location: Right ankle

Allmate: Lucifer (Male Mini Satin Rabbit)
 -- COIL --

This Allmate was the first thing Kou bought when she moved to Midorijima. Lucifer's personality is set to a genteel type, though Kou's occasional immaturity has caused him to develop a more aggressive side as well. Even so, because he's overall very gentle, loyal, and good at providing advice, she relies on him for emotional support and favors more than anyone else she's met on Midorijima so far.
VOICE: Suzumura Kenichi (Or Hijirikawa, because gdi, I still can't believe that's Suzumura-san.)


                Amiable | Perceptive | Impulsive | Stubborn | Coy | Ambitious

Kou loves interacting with people and learning their psychology. She can read faces well and always tries to come up with the best thing to say in any given situation. Because of that, she makes friends or gains trust easily, and although this puts her in a position where she can scrutinize their personality and motivations, she would never take advantage of them unless their beliefs contradicted with her own. Unfortunately, no matter how good she is with other people's feelings, she's lost when it comes to her own feelings. Subconsciously, she's unable to accurately interpret her feelings, especially if it's love. Lucifer is well aware of this and likes to tease her about it. However, once she sorts them out, she will stay true to them.

She has a strong resolve and fighting spirit, not afraid to defend herself or take action to achieve her goals. Sometimes she's so passionate or worked up about a cause that she just dives in without careful consideration, always getting herself in a bind in the process. At the same time, her passion is what motivates her to never give up and do whatever it takes to get the job done, even if it means walking on the edge of the law. But she tries not to be the villain and it absolutely devastates her if she's caused grief to anyone.


For most of her life, Kou lived in mainland Japan. Both of her parents were hardworking, caring, and made a comfortable living with their jointly-owned small company. She faintly remembers her parents taking her to a "shiny rainbow place" once. That was Platinum Jail on Midorijima, and her family was there on vacation. She was too young to care about much beyond the pretty lights and attractions, but her parents were actually looking for better opportunities for the family. Midorijima seemed like the perfect place: it was prospering, the dangers of the past were mostly eliminated, and their daughter was happy there.

Over the next 6 years, Kou's parents continued their work and job search. Meanwhile, Kou herself grew into an independent and cheerful girl, spurred on by her parents' enthusiam to follow their dreams. Finally, just as Kou finished elementary school, they were ready to move to Midorijima.

Once in Midorijima, Kou's parents basically had to start from the ground up. However, because they already had a few contacts from their search years ago, they could run their business relatively smoothly. They did a good job of balancing work and supporting their daughter, but they were proud that she was growing stronger and gradually gave her more freedom and responsibilities.

Kou started attending Narashino Junior High. Because the 1st and 2nd year students were around the minimum age for Rhyme, Kou heard a lot about Rhyme at school, became very interested in it, and made a lot of friends through it. It was her kind of game, one where she could jump into the action and give it her all. She absolutely loved it, coming up with all sorts of tactics and practicing with them.

By the time Kou entered Narashino High, she ranked high among her classmates. At this time she also decided to get a job, both to show her gratitude towards her parents and to start supporting herself a bit. One day, she wants to work in Platinum Jail, surrounded by the lights and latest trends.

 - LUCIFER: Kou's Allmate. He and Kou are extremely close.

 - KAZUO [Karouii's character]: "Kazuo-senpai! Her only friend from Kangaku High. Her friends at Narashino High suspect they're quite close, but she insists that they're nothing more than friends.

 + Rabbits
 + Singing/karaoke
 + High places
 + Breezes
 + Cute clothes
 - Thunder/lightning
 - Deep water
 - Perverts
 - Senseless injustices
 - Being forced to do something
 - Being sneaked up on

Additional Information:
 - Her creative hobby is making fashion accessories. Jewelry, hats, pins, and the like.
 - Pretty bad artist, okay cook, better than average dancer.
 - Her favorite place to be is on a high cliff overlooking a beautiful landscape at night.
 - She loves to be petted on the head. She'll never admit it, but it's obvious from the way she smiles and blushes.
 - She has scars on her back that look more or less like this. They've been there since she was young and neither her nor her parents have any idea how they got there.
 - No voice sample because I always headcanoned her voice being my own. *cough* Maybe I'll get a sample up eventually.

RP Sample:

Kou looked around, slowly absorbing her surroundings. She was near the main plaza, so there were plenty of people passing to and fro in front of her.
"A lot of people today..." she mumbled.
She turned down to look at her coil until she noticed someone looking at her from the corner of her eye. She snapped her head in that direction and saw a man walking up to her. His smile was gentle, yet there was something unsettling about him, so she decided to keep still and silent.
"You seem to be lost," he said. "Do you need any directions?"
Kou stared at his face. The more she looked, the more she felt that something was off. His eyes were shining, but there was no emotion in them at all.
"A-ahh, no, thank you. I'm fine." she stuttered and walked away, feeling the man's piercing gaze on her back.
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